Until recently the world has been very biased towards commerce as a subject. Most of the people used to think that the students who are not so smart and bright in studies generally take commerce stream to complete their 12th. And frankly that was true in those old days because there were very limited opportunities.

But the great news is now there is lot of scope thanks to the growing economy, marketing, trade, business and much more now commerce stream students have lot of scope. So don’t worry as to what to do after 12th commerce.

Here we will list you some of the many paths you can choose if you are 12th class commerce student and thinking of what to do after 12th commerce.

The first thing you need to fix is what you are looking for 12th commerce. Are you looking for jobs after 12th commerce , are looking for further studies after 12th commerce or are you looking to do some professional course after 12th commerce.

  1. Job opportunities after 12th commerce
    1. If you are looking for job opportunities after 12th commerce than there are private as well as govt jobs after 12th commerce. But the jobs after 12th commerce will be of entry level or of lower grades. One of the best option people choose is to go for army bharti rallies after 12th and start your career in defense forces or go for police constable or clerical vacancies.
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  2. Go for Further studies after 12th commerce
    1. You can definitely go for further studies in the field of your education and enhance your career. There are lot of streams in which you can go for graduation after 12th commerce like
    2. B.Com and then further M.Com
    3. You can choose variety of subjects to specialize in B.Com and M.Com depending on your interest and strength like accountancy , cost account, economics , statistics etc
  3. Professional Courses after 12th commerce
    1. CA  : Chartered Accountancy (CA ) is a course commerce students can pursue after 12th to become Chartered Accountants professionals who are very much in demand now a days and earn handsome money in jobs as well as with own business.
    2. CS : Company Secretary ( CS ) is a course commerce students can pursue after Class XII to become Company Secretary professional. This is again a very good professional field much in demand.
    3. BA LLB:  You can become a law professional by opting for BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws) course. This is an integrated law course offered to anyone who has cleared class 12th and fulfills some minimum required percentage in order to be eligible.
    4. BBA/MBA :  12th commerce graduate can also go form management degree by taking admission in BBA courses and after that getting degree in MBA also. MBA degree is a good option if you are planning a career in private sector job.
    5. BHM : Bachelor of Hotel Management ( BHM ) is also a good option to go for after 12th commerce. If you are interested in the field of Hotel management, Tour and travel industry then this degree helps you get good job in the Industry.
    6. D.Ed / B.Ed :  If you are interested in teaching field than you have the options to go for D.Ed or B.Ed courses which make you eligible for teaching professions. There are lots of teacher’s vacancies in private as well as government schools. You can study further for more job opportunities in educational field.


The above listed options are some of the few options. Thare are lot many opportunities after 12th commerce. Do share this article with friends. 

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